Thursday, February 18, 2010

memories lane

Digging today I was reminded of this project that I did as part of a "BLINK" grant. BLINK is one of Madisons arts programs. A grant was given to paint the bus stop terminals around the capital.

If I find more pictures I will add them. I painted the whole stop inside and out in 1 day with very few, but amazing helpers to look like a grotto or sorts. Totally love this project. I'm fairly sure I gave Karin Wolf (city arts administrator) a heart attack but I have a feeling she is over it since we are now friends.

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hol sum said...

wowsa! I loved that project! I remember that I saw it before I knew you... and I was so excited for that particular one... the other ones, not so much... and then I met you and it was so good to know that you were the artist for the bus stop that I loved so much! ...they should'a kept that one permanent.