Thursday, October 27, 2011

a moral compass-ion

I took this photo about a month ago now, it is one of the small groupings of collected objects I have in my studio. Within this collection of random odds and ends all picked for very distinct aesthetic points, are photographs, art prints, old packaging, tools, bird houses, antlers, statues and a mailbox or two. There is no real rhyme or reason to the collection just objects that spark and inspire a particular awareness I enjoy, while creating an environment I feel connected to.

The photo has been sticking strong in my mind, a completely random composition yet a cohesive group of objects that portray a particular sensibility. One regarding the journey we all take on daily, our journey to find meaning and a belief in something bigger than we can ever imagine.

I often find myself reflecting on what I could do to be more compassionate and morally engaged, almost daily as of late. With a rise in people's awareness of the struggles of their fellow man being overwritten so strongly by corruption, I find inspiration in people of all colors and genders with mixed beliefs standing and growing together to support each other for a greater common good. I can only hope that more and more people will take time to dust off their moral compass and engage.

objects in the photo:
a. the mona lisa - the Leonardo Da Vinci painting labored on for years and set aside unfinished, until he revisited the painting later in life to finish it. It is now considered one of the greatest masterpieces.
b. two books of matches - used for lighting fire, creating new energy.
c. metal vessel of cobalt - an essential trace element that aids in proper growth in all animals.
d. compass - navigational instrument
e. el corazon card - La Loteria (arrow and heart = pain)
f. cupid playing guitar - Roman God of love (rocking out)
g. bishop statue - holds the position of authority and oversight in christian religion.
h. flashlight - lights the way.

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