Saturday, February 20, 2010


When we living on Sidney St. in Madison a couple years back a form of the circle of life took hold in our back yard. One of our cats captured and killed a dove who had a partner.

When we first moved in the two of them would always be around the house enjoying the massive pine tree out back, I remember always feeling somewhat hopeful when I saw the two of them together. When we discovered the death it changed how I thought about the doves, I always saw loss and pain for the lone dove. I never investigated too far but I was always unsure if doves would pair up to mate with a second partner or not, I just kept wondering what the dove would do next. I still don't know if it is common for doves to pair up twice, but I do know shortly before we moved off of Sidney St. this one found a new mate (pictured above) and started a new path that brought back my hopeful feelings.

Here's to fresh starts and growing older.

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