Sunday, December 7, 2008

eye right

Since traveling to Europe to research styles and trends for 2009, I have been so busy putting all the ideas into action I have had no time to do a recap of the great things I saw while blitzing through 4 countries in less than a week. Now is the time for catch up work.

So the main reason for the trip as well as the first stop on the trip was Euro bike. This was my first time to the massive bike expo, which turned out to be quite interesting. Upon arriving to Euro bike not knowing really what to expect I was immediately overwhelmed in the thousands of vendor booths to be looked at in a short two day period. There is so much I could discuss so we'll keep this somewhat simple and highlight based. Once I was in the hall with convention brochure in hand knowing I was supposed to be working and collecting as much data as possible about the competing apparel designers, I found the obvious good start the fashion show.

The fashion show was nothing short of hilarious, in fact I was tearing up in laughter for a good portion of it. The show displayed if I remember correctly 6 apparel companies newest designs for 08. The garments were modeled by a crew of about 15 dancer/model mix people who I was pretty sure were unfamiliar with a bicycle and what it does. I would like to share this video to hopefully help display the sweet mixes and super sweet dance moves. (video technical difficulty, coming soon)

So once the fashion show was over I grabbed a giant pretzel from one of the vendor booths and attempted to formulate a plan to attack and conquer the ocean of spandex and bikes. I could go on about the rest of Euro bike however I think the fashion show was the most entertaining aspect, and recalling the rest of the convention is less than exciting.

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