Wednesday, August 6, 2008

state of the state fair address

ok this is going to be a heavy entry. we have many categories to cover including cream puffs, wisconsin's movement for a fashion forward everything and some of this years bests.

I think it best if we start off with fashion as to get the best grip on it's affect on the fair. While weaving through the crowds one point was driven home sheep don't just make wool, they are the most fashionable fancy dancers at the fair.

( two of the contestants preparing for the competition )

I have broken the sheep leotard judging results down for you

blue ribbon winner: ( comments: amazing!! )

red ribbon winner: ( comments: red just made sense )

yellow ribbon winner: ( comments: perfect natural combo look, very retro )

best duo at the fair: ( comments: brilliant!! )

onto a pit stop in the cream puff building for cream puffs...

why am I making this face... it is because cream puffs taste like nothing.

getting back to business, lets discuss some of this years best produce

blue ribbon raspberries: ( comments: you did it! )

blue ribbon leeks: ( comments: triplets omg! )

blue ribbon basket arrangement: ( comments: love the wonderful napkin pattern! so unique. )

in the cake category we have one we would love to share with you

blue ribbon cake: ( i just love a good cheeseburger cake )

we'll wrap this up with a few highlights we would like to share with you as well

in conclusion to this entry I would like to say that the state fair may be in trouble. despite the rise in fashion... the cream puffs have really gone down the tubes.

It is truly a sad day for the fair.

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a bill v2 said...

no way. cream puffs taste like awesome!

Did you see the accidentally mislabeled vegatables? I have a pic somewhere...