Sunday, June 15, 2008

pic pic pic picnic table

I recently constructed a new picnic table for our garden. The table is made completely of re-purposed materials, well if the 2x4's I picked from a neighbors trash and cut to size count as re-purpose in your book. Other than the claimed 2x4's the top is a piece from a large photo exposure sink which I use for screen print clean up. The stainless steel table top was half of the tray in the bottom of the sink used to lift the prints out of the chemicals. So it is pretty simple some old 2x4's and a steel top. It was finished of with a splash of oops paint from home depot.

Inspiration for the project:

Growing up I spent many meals at picnic tables mostly variations of these 2x4 picnic tables.

bench side

end side

So for this project like many other projects I take up, I was taking inventory of my re-claimed stockpile and realized I had gained the perfect materials to make a version of this picnic table I grew up with while adding a touch of style with the steel top.

We love it completely... the steel top has proven itself a great feature allowing for a top that is:
1. easy to dry completely when wet.
2. super strong and functions well for a gardening table as the durability is outstanding and the cleanup is once again quick and easy.
3. a wonderful contrast to all the vegetation we have going on.

oh and the topper, thanks to cutting the 2x4 down I think the table weights only about 20 lbs which is far from the weight of the tables I grew up with.

top view

side view

underneath view

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