Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a little taste of spring

So last friday afternoon nina and I took off promptly after work on our bicycles for an adventure. We headed for a dock located in the arboretum to enjoy the warm spring day and the seclusion that the arboretum can offer when leaves are present.

We then proceeded on to bump into the bike to work week celebration at Vilas Park. After a short stop for snacks and chatter we moved on to Pasquals to fuel up for the second half of the trip to Pleasantville (near picnic point) to visit a friend of ours. On the final loop home through the university we passed some of the greenhouses which as usual were quite amazing with their orange glow... see pics.

To round off our friday evening of cycling and spirits we toppled into our garden to enjoy the petals that are falling from the fruit trees.

A pleasant friday was had.

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