Tuesday, March 11, 2008

the hits around here!!

So when nina went to Seattle for a work trip a couple months ago she brought me back a treat. It was a pack of candies, that seemed so precious I had not opened them until yesterday. What is so special about them you may be wondering, well the package is covered in a foreign language first of all. But most importantly the imagery is what makes it special. The characters on the pack seem to be two friends who make each other costumes to wear.

So as of yesterday once opened, I found that the interior packages were just as exciting and I had been missing out on them for two months because of my haste.

Inside the main package we have:

Friends sharing a candy , I think?

Mohawk/weird mustache and beard costumes.

And an apparent rough slumber party?

I love these candies, and I love china-town. There are only about 10 candies left... quick i need a china town.

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Joe E. said...

yue wah at the far south end of park street. you'd be suprised as to what you can find there. and if memory serves right, they have a full grocery store sized row of candies.