Friday, February 15, 2008

i've got a lo-fi high... please leave a message

This is my newest communication system... please leave a message.

So it has been over a year since I released my cell phone plan to the dislikes of my overbearing provider us cellular. Upon the cancellation of my mobile headache, I put my life in danger by cutting my 24/7 ability to call/text someone the moment my addiction kicks in and i feel lonely.

As a businessman it was a necessity to have a phone right; so I switched to the land line service I was already paying for as part of internet service, following another of my motivations... cutting waste.

I think it was only about one week that I was in a bit of shock, not being able to call for help the second I turned right instead of left on the way to a meeting, restaraunt, club. Now over a year later when dealing with cell phone-drone syndrome, I am quick to remind people of the 80's, which for me is the most memorable time without cell phones. A time when if you were meeting someone or going somewhere you were responsible enough to make plans before you were 15 minutes in route in the general direction of where you were going... and then picking up your phone to make a call while driving to locate the closest parking ramp. Once parked if you've gotten off your phone between driving and parking you make another quick call to verify that your friend(s) are at the location you are to meet... this baffles me, is it that people have forgotten all ability to be alone and comfortable... spending time with their own thoughts.

Another interesting thing to note in this ramble... cell phone companies recycle numbers after so many months. We'll my old number was re-issued to someone else, this someone else has reportedly come off as a creep harassing my clients and family when they make the mistake of calling my old number. Well I tell you this; the creep has gotten what he asked for. I am well aware of how that business line would ring 24 hours a day non-stop, which is one of the reasons I removed it from my life. I don't need to be contactable 24 hours a day, I like my freedom and I also like to to pay attention to people who are around me when we are together. Not taking phone call and text messages all night long...

This move has made my life much better in my mind... my eyes and EARS are open.

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