Friday, February 15, 2008


So as of a couple weeks ago, I have been employed as full time, everyday, 40 plus hours a week member of the workforce. I accepted a position with Trek Bicycles as an apparel graphic designer. This is great! In my time freelancing; which in Madison is another way of saying slow death, I have had many great memories however. I have meet many wonderful people running their own small business and working hard to keep a local economy the most important economy. Even though I am busy enough with my new position, I will continue to work on projects with my favorites of the group.

Something strange has happened. When discussing having a full time position, most people's reaction is to the sort of "so your not going to be an artist anymore?" Which immediately I don't understand why someone would think such a thing. The way I see it is I get to be creative for 8 hours a day... work with other creative people and at the end of the day let it all sit at my desk and come home to relax, paint, scribble, ride bikes or hang out with nina and the 3 monsters. This is quite a change in the positive from being in charge of every aspect of projects which became quite depressing. I felt like I was spending much more time doing administration than focusing on my design... being a designer/artist at heart the administration was killing me.

To round up this into conclusion, the door I had been looking for opened up and I jumped in. I now find myself more content than I've been in quite sometime.

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