Monday, December 10, 2007

new potholders and t's for sale now

I decided for one reason or another to begin making a line of t'shirts under the idea of a "Create and Release Program." I have developed 5 animals that have one main goal to look cute. Here you can see Consuela who is the poster chicken of Madison's favorite pet store Nutzy Mutz and Crazy Catz. Consuela is a the survivor of a critical system of factory egg layers. Consuela was rescued from a dump, which she was left in for dead once she was unable to produce enough eggs to make profit. Liz Perry the owner of Nutzy Mutz and Crazy Catz is the saving grace for this blessed hen. Liz ran into Consuela upon her arrival to the dump and felt compelled to catch and rescue her. Consuela now lives in Madison enjoying her days laying eggs at a comfortable pace. To see the rest of the gang from the catch and release program, check out my shopping mall on etsy.

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